Tuesday, 13 September 2016

New Departmental Store Software

Department stores face stiff competition from various other forms of retail businesses. EasySol Departmental Store Software offers a feature – rich POS software to manage large departmental stores effortlessly with maximum ease of operation.

Driving efficiencies throughout requires speed, visibility and control to get the right stock in the right place at the right time.  EasySol Departmental Store Software meets all your multi-channel merchandising needs saving your time, increasing sales, improving margins, while minimising stock – straight from the box. EasySol differs from other systems by quickly identifying problems and anticipating opportunities, ensuring you make smarter buying and pricing decisions.
In addition to an easy to learn POS system, integral business intelligence gives you real-time central management control and instant visibility of trading performance, to help you achieve higher average spend, faster sell through, better buying and lower IT costs – a great return on investment.
Detailed sales analysis from financial and unit stock allows you to achieve targets, see exactly where sales are coming from and how money is being lost, while precise forecasting and accurate allocations and replenishments ensure you always maximise your stock.
EasySol Departmental Store Software offers you the following:
1) Master Searching on Name / Code / Address / Mobile / Company / Location etc.
2) Multiple Discounts and Schemes
  • Schemes on Invoice Value and Company Value
  • Customer wise, Item wise Discounts
  • Periodically Schemes and Discounts
  • Free Item Schemes
  • Happy Hour Schemes and Discounts
3) Home Delivery Facility
4) Fast Billing with Barcode
5) Counter / Operator wise sales & collection
6) User Wise Multi-Level Security
7) Fully VAT Compliant with E-Returns
8) Payment by Credit card and Gift Voucher
9) Reorder on Sale and Minimum Stock Basis
10) Supplier / Company wise Target Maintenance
11) Multi Sales Screens for Multi Customer Handling
12) Auto Transactions Retrieval on Power Fluctuation
13) Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet
14) Variety of Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Management and Other Reports
15) 360 Days a Year Customer Supports including on Sundays

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